Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry

Help Us Feed The Hungry

Donate an "extra" deer to Kentucky's hungry and help further wildlife conservation for the benefit of all of Kentucky. Here's how it works:
After you have filled your own freezer with venison for the season, pick up an extra doe tag (Zone 1) or use one of your regular deer tags for a "doe-nation".

Deliver the deer to one of the participating meat processors. Call 1-800-858-1549 for the name and location of the processor closest to you. Or check our web sites at and Leave the deer along with a small tax deductible donation to cover a portion of the processing costs and you will be providing nutritious venison meals to thousands of less fortunate people stateside. And, you will be helping the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resource manage the Kentucky deer population for the benefit of all concerned.

Kentucky's needy need your help. So, become a Kentucky Hunter for the Hungry and friend of Kentucky Wildlife conservation.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is very supportive of the efforts of the Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry. This allows Kentucky sportsman and women and children to play a major role in deer management while providing thousands of nutritious meals to hungry people across the state.

This Program is sponsored by Safari Club International,The National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,Kentucky Harvest, The League of Kentucky Sportsmen and the Kentucky
Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.